Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rubba Ducks Make a Splash at The Boathouse Restaurant | Giveaway

There's a new duck in town.  The Downtown Disney Area transformation continues at b(r)eak-neck pace, with The Landing (the area formerly known as Pleasure Island) becoming the newest dining hot spot in Orlando.  The BOATHOUSE: Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats is the most recent star on Lake Buena Vista and has been cooking up yummies such as the Beach & Sea Lobster Bake, mixing up Blue Cheese Martinis, and guiding Amphicar tours on the waterway since April 2015.  Also "hatched" at this location are the exclusive Rubba Ducks®!  In a special alliance with The BOATHOUSE, these premier rubber duck toys with a personality are the ONLY non-Disney toy in their gift shop.

The BOATHOUSE: Great Food, Waterfront Dining, Dream Boats

What sets these floating cuties apart?  Every duckie tells a story.
Some ducks are cool.
And others love a good cup of cappuccino.
My Rubba Ducks® have their own personalities.

Feather "Flamingo Style" was hatched on December 12th has a past:

First in the Forties-
dealing Vegas fortune & fame.

Found front yard in the Fifties-
the favored lawn ornament figurine.

Tag Team with W.D., hatched January 20th, has an impressive hobby:

Toting or floating-
I'm the tidal wave champion
without a doubt.

From wedding ducks to Christmas ducks to the little guy I have my runner's eye on, DUCKATHON, Rubba Ducks® are Dr. Toy's 2015 Best Classic Toy" winner are unique in every way!

·         It’s all in the details. These ducks are chock full of elements, from vibrant colors to ornate sculpturing to decorative costumes and designs. You’re going to love them!
·         They Float Upright. All.The.Time. Rubba Ducks are designed with weights at the bottom so they will always float upright! Try it in your own sink/bathtub/pool!
·         The ‘Hole’ Story. Most rubber ducks have a hole in the bottom which, when used in the bathtub can retain mold. Not Rubba Ducks! There is no hole in the bottom so NO MOLD!
Get your feet wet and enter this giveaway today.  One lucky winner will start their own Rubba Ducks® collection! The Giveaway begins Sunday, August 23, 2015 and ends Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 11:59 pm ET.  Open to residents of  the USA, 18 years of age or older.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting Gorgeous 2015 in New York City

**  I received free entry to this event and complimentary products. This is not a sponsored post, but I wanted to share the smiles.  All opinions are, as always, my own!

I'll admit I was apprehensive.  Honestly, I felt that if I hadn't "gotten gorgeous" by the age of 57, that it might be a tad too late.  Though attending a beauty event was miles outside of my comfort zoneand expertise, I was surprised by and very appreciative of my invitation to Getting Gorgeous 2015.  Once I knew I wouldn't be the only Boomer in the room (thanks to pal and Disney Gal Gayle) I accepted!  In preparation for the afternoon, I did some homework.  Hosts Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney have certainly established themselves with these events for seven (now eight) years; creating unique and personal blogger-meet-brand opportunities.  The afternoon of July 15th did not disappoint.

The Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City was buzzing with energy, beautiful smiling faces, and brands I will admit that I had little prior exposure to.  Join me and let's Get Social!  Take a tour around the room with me as I introduce them to you.

Restylane Silk Lounge

Title Sponsor Restylane Silk was deservedly front and center, as women lined up for a consultation and lip treatment by acclaimed New York Dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe.  (Who is herself absolutely gorgeous.)  From the injection chair, to the Makeup Lounge, to the elegantly appointed seating area, this sublime space set the tone for the day.  Stay tuned for a future post on my personal experience with this transformative product!!


Special thanks to the Getting Gorgeous 2015 Livestream Sponsor.  Though I chickened out and did not give a live interview, the more I see and feel some of their products I wish I had shared that day.  The stroller blanket that was included in the event swag bag was premium plush; one week later I gifted it to my best friend's daughter in her baby shower basket.  What a hit!


Time for true confessions.  I begrudgingly "allowed" the wonderful ladies at BALI to give me my first official bra fitting.  Let this old dog share a new trick with you kiddies- do not walk aound for 45 years with the wrong-sized bra.  Not only does it do little for your physique, it's downright embarrassing.  This 34D is now a 32C.  We were welcome to explore the stunning BALI product line and register to receive a brand new, correctly-sized bra of our choice.  Though still red in the face, I just can't wait for it to arrive!!!


For those of us with a smartphone full of images that will never be shard outside of social media, Kodak introduces its new and free app; one that allows for editing and printing, all from your mobile device.  We were able to tinker with the app's functionality and experiment with printing to a Kodak Picture Kiosk.  They can also be sent to one of thousands of locations for pick-up, or mailed directly to your home.  As an added bonus, I can share this coupon code with you today!  Download your own Kodak Moments App and use coupon code SAVE40PC to receive 40% off your prints through the month of August.


Featuring curated beads, charms, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, Trollbeads jewelry is completely personalized.  We had the opportunity to get playful and create our own signature piece.  I've worn mine several times since!

Liquid Oxygen

Included in our swag bag were trial sizes of Liquid Oxygen Acne Wash, Blackhead Astringent, and Anti-Acne Facial Moisturizer. My two twenty-something sons both still struggle with acne control and because their skin is more mature, don't tolerate the drying effects of Benzoyl peroxide well.  This system is made for them.  So much so, I'm stocking up the products for their dorm rooms.
We #LoveLO!


Sponsor KeVita kept us powered up through the afternoon with their delicious KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks.  As a healthy alternative to soda, these tasty sips meld organic, low calorie (5-45 per serving,) and Non-GMO ingredients to promote immunity and digestive health.  My favorite is the Blueberry Cherry and I've been chugging it post Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon training runs.  Every little healthy bit counts!

Thanks also to sponsors Chobani, Cocktail Caviar, Spa Chicks on the Go, and The Backyard Food Company- the afternoon would not have been the same without you!  Please follow and track each of these standout companies:

**Title Sponsor - Restylane Silk
*Livestream Sponsor: Stokke - @StokkeBaby
Trollbeads - @TrollTweetsUS
Chobani - @Chobani
Liquid Oxygen - @luvliquidoxygen
KeVita - @KeVitaDrinks
Cocktail Caviar - @CocktailCaviar
Spa Chicks on the Go - @thespachick
The Backyard Food Company -  @BackyardFoodCo

Sending a heartfelt thanks to our hosts Audrey and Vera- for one sunny afternoon in July, you made us feel beautiful!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-The-Road Lights Up The Great White Way

Talk about a tough act to follow!  When my husband and I were gifted an evening with Aladdin this past April, we thought it was an experience that couldn't be beat.  That would have been true if it had not been for the morning of June 15, 2015.  I must have rubbed that lamp awfully hard...

Sitting ON THE STAGE of the New Amsterdam Theatre, it would have been understandable if history, the setting, and those Aladdin props tucked away off stage had stolen the spotlight.  Instead, it was clearly the Disney team that were the superstars.  The event's "Playbill" looked a bit like this:

Leanne O'Regan "opened the show" with a warm welcome and a smile as grand as Times Square; though acting Director of Social Media at Disney Parks for over 16 years, it was obvious (and heartwarming) to see her genuine child-like enthusiasm and awe.  The enormity of the setting and moment oozed from Leanne and spread through the eager audience.  We all felt as though we had made it to "the big time!"

Jamie Langdon, Managing Director at Walt Disney World, set the tone for the day with "FITS" and Fun, Inspiration, Tips and Surprises we got!  She reminded us that Disney likes to take risks and encouraged us to do the same.  (Deep breath.)  Jamie treated us to a peak into the year ahead for the Disney Parks and Disney Cruise Line.  At the time, I was on the fence about visiting Disneyland in its 60th year.  After seeing some of the snippets, I jumped to the other side!

These previews turned into real-life magical moments.

Photos taken last week!
Our next speaker stepped right off the pages of The Disney Parks Blog; Jenn Fickley-Baker, Social Media Manager for the Disney Parks, likewise advised us to be original, think outside the norm, and ask "what if?"  She suggests the use of "listing" to create ten or so different approaches to any topic.  Don't be afraid to stand out! I used her strategy post-conference and ended up with with three distinct blog posts to accommodate all 25 approaches.  Illumination!!

Victoria Lim, Walt Disney World Public Relations Managing Editor, is well-known to many Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-The-Road alum and did not disappoint this day.  Upon her suggestion, I have experimented with Videolicious to expand my own Disney Parks storytelling (Emotions Run High at Disney Parks and Disney Social Media Moms Celebration "On-The-Road") and thought I would continue with this form of visual engagement. I dabbled with Magistro for this post and was impressed that I could combine video and photos into one story:

Also impressive was Josh Gosken, Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager for Disney Theatrical Group.  (This lucky fellow makes his home in the attic offices of the New Amsterdam Theatre!)  He gave brilliant examples of how Disney creates fresh, shareable content for tales that are often old as time.  This photo op outside the Aladdin show is but one bit of his handiwork; imagine how many times that lamp has appeared on Instagram alone!

Of course, the surprise guest needed no fanfare nor introduction.  The "leader of the band" spent time with each and every one of us, including this glowing gal.

I got to share Mickey's elbow with pal Kimberly Markey.

If you haven't guessed it, on this day the Disney team was the star of the show.  Their mixture of social medai savy mixed with childlike wonder sets them apart.  Though the house lights were kept low, their glow lit up this historic Broadway theater. And like us New Yorkers like to croon, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere...

Thank you Leanne, Jamie, and the entire Disney Parks Social Media Moms Celebration Team, your Great White Way debut was a bonafide hit!!

Be sure to follow #DisneySMMC and @DisneyMoms for a continued stream of pixie dust!  And take a look at how I created my DisneyBounding outfit with the help of my friends: It Takes a Village to DisneyBound | Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-The-Road.

**  I received a magical invitation to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On-The-Road event and was admitted free of charge.  This magical recreation comes purely from the heart!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hot LA | Jeff Galloway Tips for Running in the Heat

Hot off the heels of working the Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015, I'm still walking on air; think white lightning.  Inspiration flowed despite the local temperatures that hovered near 100 degrees.  Caught up in the energy that oozed from the athletes (many of them wearing their newly acquired New Balance runDisney running shoes) I could not keep still.  Unfortunately, my daily free time was limited to one-half hour block during the midday period.  Not to be denied, I donned my best Minnie racers and hit the trail at the University of Southern California.

And broke every one of the Jeff Galloway rules below.  It was brutal.  I ran with my heart and not my head.  Thank goodness Jeff does both!

Dealing With the Heat
Training through the summer can not only be grueling but down right dangerous.  Here are some tips to train safely and as comfortable as possible in the hot summer months.

Slow down by 30 sec/mile (20 sec/km) for every 5F temperature increase above 55-60F ( every 2.5C above 14C)
When the temperature is over 70F (21C) you may take a 5 minute “cold shower break” every 25-30 minutes to keep cool.
Try to complete your run before the sun rises above the horizon.
More frequent walk breaks during hot weather can lower body temperature increase.  If you used to run 3 minutes between walk breaks, run only 90 seconds (walk 30 seconds) at 70F (21C) and at 80F (26C) drop to 60 sec run/30 sec walk or 30/30
When you start to heat up more than normal, take a longer walk in a mall or indoor AC building
Pick shady courses on hot days.
Don’t wear a hat!  Pour water over your head
Have an indoor alternative—treadmill, etc
Run in the deep end of the pool, using a flotation belt

We stay at the beautiful and comfortable Squaw Valley Lodge. Lodge amenities include indoor and outdoor hot tubs, swimming, tennis, sauna and fitness room. Week camp began Thursday, July 23th.  Weekend camp began Friday, July 24th at 5PM. Both camps began with an easy run to get acquainted.  The morning breakfasts were followed by clinics by Jeff and his guests. Seminar topics include Running Injury Free, Nutrition, Speed work, Goal setting, Shoe selection, Pool running, and Running form / analysis.
After lunch, our guests shopped, went sightseeing, sunned by the pool, or joined the group for a scenic hike, T-shirt swap, bike ride, river raft ride, etc. The group gathered again in the evenings for dinner onsite or at one of the nearby restaurants and after-dinner relaxing.

You can learn more about the various Jeff Galloway Retreats at


In conjunction with the Road Race Management Race Directors' Meeting, Road Race Management and MarathonFoto will again honor an individual who has made a major difference in the sport with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award is for contributions to the sport of long distance running over the course of a lifetime. Nominees, who may be either living or deceased, should have made major contributions to the sport in more than one area, for example as an administrator, elite athlete, promoter of the sport, or innovator as an event director or vendor.

"We are seeking to honor a 'sport changer'...a person who really made a difference," says Phil Stewart, RRM editor and publisher.
Nominations from the public are being solicited and will close on August 31, 2015.

A ten-person committee will choose the winner to be announced November 6 at the Road  Race Management Race Directors' Keynote dinner in Hollywood, FL.

**I received nothing - neither product nor compensation- for releasing this information to my readers.  I do it out of pure admiration!!!