Friday, June 24, 2016

5 BIG Things You Should Know About Disney's The BFG

Time to relive the bedtime story.  That's what I billed Tuesday's screening of Disney's The BFG as.  With my husband on one arm and my oldest son on the other, I stepped between the pages of Roald Dahl's favorite story.  (And perhaps, one of ours.) We were eager to see if Walt Disney Studios and Director Steven Spielberg would bring this story a screen life that matched the one in our heads and hearts.  In a word, The BFG was "scrumdiddlyumptious."  It was touching and irreverent, mysterious and laugh-out-loud funny.  The tale of a ten-year-old London orphan, the Big Friendly Giant she befriends, and their common quest is fairly true to the novel.  I won't spoil the movie or retell the book's story, but I will share 5 BIG Things You Should Know About Disney's The BFG that I think will enhance your trip to Giant Country.

1.  Walt Disney

I was floored to find out that Walt Disney actually met and was working with Roald Dahl in April of 1943 to bring his first story, The Gremlins, to the screen. That project never came to fruition, but Disney and Random House did release the book that eventually inspired the 1984 film.  (Guess who produced that movie?  Yup, Steven Spielberg.)  Imagine, after all these decades, Walt STILL has a personal connection to his company and its artistic direction.  Imagine!!

2.  Roald Dahl

The British author of James and the Giant PeachCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Fantastic Mr. Fox would have turned 100 this September; talk about a "delumptious" year!  Dahl was a Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force, sustained injuries due to a crash in the Libyan, and took up writing as a distraction.  I believe we can safely surmise that he made the absolute most of a bad situation; perhaps we can also deduce that this lesson influenced his work?

3.  Steven Spielberg

How can it be that this four-time Oscar-winning movie maker who has been working in film for over forty years has never directed a project with Walt Disney Studios??  I am happy that I will never be able to write that again.  In many ways, this film brought me back to some of his early work. To the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial plot; a lonely youngster befriends the most unlikely of pals and ultimately saves them.  And to the playful silliness of Goonies!  I can easily see why Spielberg was drawn to The BFG story.  He is no stranger to young, "save the day" heroes!

4.  Light VS. Dark

No, not the Star Wars kind, but the fairytale variety.  Roald Dahl is a master of navigating the shadows and lighthearted wonder.  Walt Disney certainly embraced the darkness in works such as Bambi and Dumbo, and saw value in combining life's sadder realities with ultimate redemption.  Steven Spielberg, who has identified Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as his favorite Disney movie, recognizes that without the factor of fear, the happy ending would not be as cherished.  In The BFG, the nightmare does coexist with the dream, and for my popcorn, does it with just the right mix of each for both "childlers" and adults.

5.  Embracing Differences

My friends and readers will know that I have a deep, personal affinity for the underdog.  I acknowledge that in many of the recent offerings from Walt Disney Studios- Finding Dory, and Zootopia particularly- have lifted up some very special heroes and heroines.  In The BFG, our friendly giant is the runt of his family's litter of Cannybully and Murderful Giants" and is picked on unmercifully by his bigger, badder brothers.  He is a loner who is resigned to a life where delivering dreams for others is the best he will ever achieve.  Leave it to an insomniac little girl to help him (and her) find salvation.  Once again, special abilities lead to special things!!!

Enough of my "Gobblefunk."  Go see The BFG.  The first-time meeting of three giants- Walt Disney, Roald Dahl, and Steven Spielberg- is reason enough!

**  I received a complimentary ticket for the screening of this film.  No post or compliment was required!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Vacation Running Tips from Jeff Galloway

Hot time in the summertime! It is so tempting to take it easy during those lazy, crazy, vacation days of summer. BUT it can be done.  AND it can engage and enliven your running routine.  Whether sprinting through a theme park (like Disneyland Paris), jogging trough a tony neighborhood when visiting VIP friends (Running Through Beverly Hills), or observing National Running Day while moving your son out of his final college dorm (alright, not quite a vacation, but I was staying in a hotel!), running in a new setting does add some pep to your step.

The running path between Gaylord National Resort and The Westin Washington National Harbor
How about scheduling a 5K at a locale near your vacation spot; easy Run Walk Run!

A charity 5K near the Hamptons, NY
Yes, with just a touch of planning, it CAN be done.  And FUN!!  Of course, our resident guru Jeff Galloway has expert tips for how you can keep moving this summer.  (Hey, and fold in those runDisney Virtual Running Shorts for more magical motivation!)

Vacation Run Secrets

The best, more efficient workout when you’re at the beach…

Running into the dawn: In Summer, it's best to run before the sun rises above the horizon.  Since it's common for family members to sleep a bit longer on vacation, get up early and hit the beach.    Set a total time you wish to run, and turn around at the halfway point.  Or, run 1-2 minutes longer going out and try to run faster on the return.

When you’re camping and near a lake and/or mountains.  Drive around the campground area to find suitable running/trail areas.  Plan a group hike each day.  Appoint yourself the “lookout”.  Walk ahead of the group for a few minutes and then run ahead for a minute or two, and run back.  Repeat this routine throughout the hike.  Even short segments of running, during a 1-2 hour hike, will maintain your running adaptations very well.

On a road trip, taking frequent “pit stops”.  Wear your running gear on the trip.  If it is safe to run or walk at your rest area, walk for 1-2 minutes as a warm up and then run for 5-10 minutes.  Repeat this pattern until the group is ready to load up.  If it is a food stop, get your meal “to go” and spend the time running.

When you’re on a trip that’s based in a theme park.  Many of the hotels in areas like Disney World have designated areas for running.  In some cases, you can run to the parks.  Ask the hotel staff for recommended routes.  Each evening, gather the family and plan your park visit for the next day.  This allows for you to find a timeslot to squeeze in a run.  As you mention how you are planning your run, you'll teach the kids how important your exercise is, for you.

When you’re on a sightseeing city tour.  Time is limited during most sightseeing tours but you can usually squeeze in a few minutes here and there.  Wear running clothes or very comfortable apparel with running shoes.  When the bus stops, keep walking around while looking at the sights or listening to the guide.  If time allows before reboarding, jog for a minute or two.

A home-based vacation.  If possible, arrange with another family member to watch the kids while you run.  Then, offer that person a chance to get away for a bit while you stay with kids.  Early morning is often a great time to get in your runs.  Plan trips to local parks (that you seldom visit) where you can run and walk with the family.

Note: Olympian Jeff Galloway has coached hundreds of thousands of runners to their goals.  For more information, see his books GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS and MARATHON—you can do it!  Ask Jeff a question at

**I received nothing - neither product nor compensation- for releasing this information to my readers.  I do it out of pure admiration!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Get Your Mickey On With Magical Run Concierge | rundisney Running Shorts Series

No, we are not running through castles or floating past Spaceship Earth, but we are bringing runDisney into our everyday- our own backyards.  Though the magic coefficient may be a bit less, keeping us moving towards better health and fitness is still the goal at the finish line.  For me, adding some external pixie dust has helped motivate! I found my Yellow Shoes (OK, they were my Minnie Mouse yellow running socks), Red Shorts, and White Gloves; Mickey Mouse is the leader of the band for this round of runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series.  So what did I wear with my red shorts?  The "RUNKETEER" racing shirt that my Fairy Godmother at Magical Run Concierge made for me.  "Adding magic to every mile" felt so apropos for this race series!

I'm already thinking ahead to my four-medal shot- how about this runDisney Shorts Inspired Shirt as a backdrop?!!

Lucky for me (and you too) Magical Run Concierge fills requests for custom orders!  "Imagine" the runDisney possibilities!!  To help you with your costume training plan, we can offer you a 15% discount to this Etsy shop with the code SHORTS!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I Found Her! Enter to Win a Finding Dory Mini ''Tsum Tsum'' Plush 9-Piece Collection

Finding Dory finally swims into theaters this summer on June 17th and we can't keep our fins still.  Thirteen years after Dory first wandered the deep blue sea, her fans see her as family more than ever; we worry about her, we wonder where she came from, where she's headed, and we want to come to know her better.  We care about our little absent-minded friend!  Along with her established friends Nemo, Marlin, Crush and Mr. Ray, her new-found friends (and family of sorts) Hank, Destiny, Bailey, and Baby Otter are sure to make Dory's new adventure "Unforgettable."

Our little family hopes to set you on a proper course for the film's opening with an adorable giveaway; a full, Finding Dory Mini ''Tsum Tsum'' Plush 9-Piece Collection!  Join An Open Suitcase, Disney Gals, Can Do It Mom, Magical Run Concierge, Maple Mouse Mama, Focused On the Magic, Sherry Boswell, Love Our Crazy Life and DIStherapy in remembering those lifesaving words.  Just.  Keep.  Swimming.

Giveaway: 9-Piece Finding Dory Mini "Tsum Tsum" Plush Collection. Contest runs 6/13/16 to 6/21/2016 at 11:59 PM EST No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Open to residents of the U.S. and Canada, 18 years of age or older. One winner will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter and will be notified by email. Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize before an alternate is selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We hope you (win) her!!!